This Job Interview Lasts 10 Days, Includes Trips to 9 Countries, and Involves Alcohol (Here’s How To Apply Now)

This Job Interview Lasts 10 Days, Includes Trips to 9 Countries, and Involves Alcohol (Here’s How To Apply Now)


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Most job interviews involve a plunge into self-consciousness, a descent into self-doubt and a fear that just one interviewer might scupper your whole life.


Then there’s this.


A job interview that seem to have only upside. Yes, even if you don’t get the job.


For this is Grant’s Whisky search for a Global Brand Ambassador.


I confess that I have an occasional role as a Wine Ambassador for Honig Winery in Napa.


It’s taxing, but someone has to do it. Someone has to drink and occasionally talk to people.


Here, though, you’ll get to talk to people in nine countries.


The interview process sounds like a sublime delight. The 20 entrants whose applications please Grant’s the most will be flown to Scotland for a “special event.”


How many times has your job interview involved a special event? Other than, say, the interviewer sneezing on his tie.


Grant’s special event does appear to include a few challenges. I suspect they might be Survivor-style challenges. Well, social survivor-style.


Still, if you become one of the top three candidates, you’ll fly to three countries over 10 days. There are nine countries in all to which the interviewees will be sent in October.


“Armed with a suitcase of whisky, they’ll work with our local teams and influencers to organize events, meet new friends and celebrate collective achievement along the way,” says the Grant’s website.


Collective achievement. The goal of any interviewee. Until they get the job, that is.


How can this get any better? Please let me tell you.


You won’t be just enjoying yourself. You’ll be in a movie too.


“Each journey will be documented by a personal film-maker, with the candidate whose journey best represents the spirit of the brand awarded the job!” the website croons.


How many times in your life will you get the chance to have a documentary made about you and your scintillating personality?


I know you’ll be desperate to apply right now. I am here to serve you, so here is the application form.


Please let me know how it goes. I want you to get the job.


I then want you to contact me, so that we can organize a Wine and Whisky summit.


Hawaii sounds nice.



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